Will benadryl affect my sex permanently

For both men and women, it takes a complicated chain of events to move from arousal to a satisfying orgasm. The mind has to stay focused, nerves have to stay sensitive, and blood has to flow to all the right places. Unfortunately, many things can break the chain -- including, perhaps, the pills in your medicine cabinet. Medicines often work by altering blood flow and brain chemistry, so its no surprise that they can affect sexual function, and not always for the better.
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Drugs that may cause erection problems

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Medications That Can Affect Sexual Desire and Pleasure - Our Bodies Ourselves

Many medicines and recreational drugs can affect a man's sexual arousal and sexual performance. What causes erection problems in one man may not affect another man. Talk to your health care provider if you think that a drug is having a negative effect on your sexual performance. Never stop taking any medicine without first talking to your provider. Some medicines may lead to life-threatening reactions if you do not take care when stopping or changing them. The following is a list of some medicines and drugs that may cause erectile dysfunction ED in men. There may be additional drugs other than those on this list that can cause erection difficulties.
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5 Common Meds That Could Be Killing Your Sex Drive

Antihistamines are often used to relieve symptoms of allergies such as hay fever, hives, conjunctivitis and reactions to insect bites or stings and are available either over-the-counter or on prescription. Now an Argentinian review of studies involving the commonly taken drugs has found that they could have negative long-term side effects for male fertility. The study, which is published in the journal Reproduction , found a number of papers reported adverse effects of antihistamine on normal testicular function. They discovered antihistamines were likely to affect the production of male sexual hormones in the testicles, which could lead to altered morphology and decreased motility of sperm, as well as a lower sperm count.
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Indeed, studies show that prescription medications are responsible for as many as one of every four cases of sexual dysfunction — and this figure may understate the extent of the problem. How they can cause sexual dysfunction: Researchers say that by limiting the availability of cholesterol, a building block of hormones, these drugs likely interfere with the production of testosterone, estrogen and other sex hormones. Additionally, statins can cause rhabdomyolysis, a breakdown of muscle tissue, leading to joint pain and fatigue. A review of studies of statins and fibrates, published in , concluded that both classes of drugs may cause erectile dysfunction ED.
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